Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

There is a 6 year full parts and labour warranty on Fujitsu heat pumps and a 5 year warranty on Daikin.  This means that if any part of the heat pump needs replacing, or if any of the workmanship was at fault, you are covered for free for the full length of the warranty.  
We also offer servicing and repair on all major brands of heat pumps that we have not installed
Even if you did not buy your heat pump from us we can service and repair it.  We are heat pump experts and Mark has a strong electronic background enabling him to work on, and repair, boards that would normally need replacing. Other installers in the area come to Mark for repair of heat pump boards.
If at all possible we will repair before replace unless otherwise requested.
Doing simple maintenance yourself, such as cleaning the filters regularly and keeping the outdoor free from overgrowth, rubbish and leaves is important. Your warranty is dependent on it. And it reduces your need for servicing.
In our opinion a well maintained heat pump won’t need servicing more than once every 2 - 3years.
  • Heat Pump Service

    Maintenance is the key to effecient operation and the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heatpump and a severly neglected one, can range between 10% and 35%. The cost to run, and the output is reflected in a well maintained heatump.