Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Fujitsu ASTG18KMTC

  • Fujitsu Model ASTG18KMTC with a COP of 4.5 on Heating (for every 1kW of power consumed you get 4.50 kW of heating) and a EER of 4.5 on cooling (for every1 kW of power consumed you get 4.5 kW of cooling)
  • Star Rating of 4.5 on heating and 4.0 on cooling
  • Fujitsu’s most efficient heat pump range
  • Providing 6.00 kW of heating (capacity range 1.05 – 8.70) abd 5.0 kW of cooling (capacity range 1 – 6.5) 
  • Air quality is maintained throughout the home with the apple-catechin filter. Fine dust, invisible mould spores and harmful micro organisms are absorbed onto the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingredient extracted from apples.
The lifestyle range of Hi Wall reverse cycle air conditioning units are Fujitsu General’s most efficient! An improved star rating for heating mode has been achieved across the ASTG18/22/24KMTC models, along with an improved star rating in cooling mode on the ASTG18KMTC model.


$3,500.00 $3,100.00
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