Suitable for LPFM and commercial FM broadcasters.

The Audio frequency response is about the same quality as CD music, making for a very clear crisp sounding audio. Uses digital stereo composite transmission for the signal to noise ratio, with exceptional  cross talk.
  • The RF digital bandwidth occupies 4MHz, and there are 20 channels, so if there are other 2.4 GHz services in the vicinity causing interference it is easy to select the next channel at the studio end, the receiver will scan and lock onto the signal.
  • Tx and Rx modules are mounted under the dish antennas and a remote head enclosure is connected using 8m of cat6 cable. Should this cable run between the studio to the dish be short then a extension "off the shelf" cat6 can be connected easily.
  • Power supply for Tx and Rx can be anything from 8v to 24v making it easy to install with a 12v back up battery.
  • The remote head enclosure has data/signal fail led which will blink if there is interference or signal loss issues, all audio and power connections are connected into this.
  • Audio in and out are RCA sockets, DC in are standard 2.1mm Cylindrical types, comes with power supplies.
  • Rx has 3.5 stereo headphone socket for easy site testing.
  • Uses the 2.4 GHz band so no licence required.
  • Path tested to 8Klms with no data loss.

Only one of these are on the air in Palmerston North, and is being used in a congested 2.4GHz enviroment without any problems.

The STL has been inspected and has passed local radio inspection specifications.